Suzi is knowledgeable, dedicated and balances good humor with seriousness of purpose. I am finding that the yoga she is teaching me is useful in all parts of my life - sitting at work, sleeping, even medical exams!



Suzi has helped me in so many ways through chair yoga. I feel better, I sleep better and most of all I am more relaxed. Yoga is more than stretching it is a way of life!

Joanne Johnson


Great class today--I drove away feeling so good, comfortable in my body.  Some of the exercises I know are particularly beneficial to me, and I'm learning to adjust to those not so easy and just do what I can.  As you always tell us! Thank you for everything and I am so glad my friend recommended I try your class. It is hard to believe 12 months have gone by! 


Thank you so much for the great class this morning.  I've never taken a chair class before--and the PSOAS is my #1 challenge with low back pain, so super helpful for informing my small (but mighty) home practice. :-)  Plus, I've never taken yoga sitting with a 94 year old student before!
I wanted to let you know that I now understand why you have an 'entourage'-- your knowledge, clarity, kindness, and grace is a blessing for our senior friends--and for yours truly as well.
In gratitude,

Diane Morgenstern

I believe chair yoga balances life; between food, exercise, and daily living. Chair yoga offers the opportunity to establish community. It also gives me a sense of well-being. Chair yoga has completely changed my life by changing my outlook and giving me a sense of total relaxation without having to go on vacation! The classes with Suzi has improved the quality of my life.

Tamera N.

While standing in line at DMV I practiced balancing! My balance and stamina have increased substantially since starting chair yoga with Suzi. I take classes at Grey Bears, Resurrection Church and at Capitola Fitness. The effort has paid off. I love the fact at 84 years old I can balance on one foot!